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We don't just create chatbots, we create Chatbot Strategies.

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Easy To Customize

1 on 1 support. ย Immediate results! ย Everthing is configurable within the chatbot and can integrate with any open API.

Customer Engagement

Chatbot is designed to be personable and fully interactive. ย 

24/7 Support

Anytime anywhere monitor support.

Awsome Features

With chatbots you get instant engagement with your visitors and customers.  The cost savings are numerous with an automated AI chatbot vs hiring individuals to do task that could and should be automated to increase efficiency in a business.

Your Custom Chatbot

Get your very own chatbot for your business. Affordable to all businesses regardless of size.


Flexible affordable customization

Choose a free template to save money, make modifications to it at an affordable rate. Scripts and responses can be fully custom by the business.

Multiple platforms

Deploy on Messenger or Web or SMS to reach your customers wherever they are.

Modern Chatbot UX

Work with the team that was an early adopter of chatbot technology. Leverage our many years of experience and our relationship with one of the top chatbot development platform, Motion.AI

Lead Capture Chatbot - Demo


Why do you give free chatbots?

We believe that small to mid size business don’t have the resource of time and money to test this new technology out. There is a high upfront cost to this technology. Only an enterprise company can afford such projects. By working with CustomBotDesign (CBD), you don’t have to worry about the high upfront cost. This is a ‘Chatbot as a Service’ model. We have a variety option of chatbot templates you can choose from. Starting out with a free template can save you over $10,000.

Is the chatbot really free?

We have a variety of available chatbot templates for free (scheduling, lead capture, restaurant, real estate, knowledge base search). Choosing anyone of them is FREE. If you need to add more advance features we can discuss and tailor it towards your business. It’s important to understand after a chatbot is implemented, a plan is needed to maintain,host, and ensure bot is functional and always up to date.

What platforms are supported?

We currently support the following platforms:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • SMS
  • Website
  • Other (we will review specs)

Why work with Custom Bot Design?

Our architect is an award winning chatbot architect and is a former staff member at Motion AI. He has supported over 3,000 chatbot developers during his time at Motion AI Community & still contributes his free time.ย He is also winner of “Most Innovative Social Media Solution” at the 2017 ReSIs awards. He was involved in the creation of “GoBe – the Job Bot” that is one of the most popular bots on Messenger and is in over 110 countries.

What’s your refund policy?

We don’t charge you until you are satisfied.ย 

Do you do custom bots for small business?

Yes, we love small businesses.ย  It’s important small business gets the opportunity to leverage and reap the rewards of chatbot technology.ย  We help small business stay technically relevant and keep up or ahead of larger business that may have too many red tape to overcome.

How does it work?

Simple, we at Custom Bot Design do everything.ย  We help with getting your idea to prototype as quickly as possible. Provide you with our best engineer who is an award-winning chatbot engineer. We help and guide you through marketing the chatbot in a landscape that is still early and new. We make sure you have the analytic required to begin optimization immediately after initial release. We stay at your corner throughout the entire process.

Subscription Plan

At CBD, we love to create chatbot strategies.  We have templates available or if instead you prefer to have consultant work on a project we have that available as well.

Choose one that best fits your business or choose a CUSTOM plan to learn more how we can tailor a plan towards your business need.

Standard Plan

$ 399


  • FREE initial design & setup
  • 24/7 instant support (slack, email, phone)
  • Messages limited
  • One - Platform
  • 1 API integrations

Custom Plan

$ custom


  • Contact us to setup a plan that fits your business needs.


$ 250


  • Access to our Chatbot architect!
  • Pay as you go
  • No retainer fee
  • Subject to specs
  • 24 hour response time
  • Chatbot Advisor

Pro Bono Consulting

$ 0


  • Free 1 hour consulting help
  • Risk free - No obligation required
  • Get 1 on 1 support with Chatbot arhitect
  • Unlimited questions
  • Technical Strategy Support

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